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  • The Ultimate Gift Box..


    Inside your Gift Box you will receive:


    The Wax Burner (and the 2 dishes)

    4 Wax Melts of your choice

    A linen bag to store your melts

    4 Tea lights

    Glass bottle of matches

    Care card


    This product has taken a year to design, develop, create, and perfect... From just an idea.. in the form of a cereal box cut-out (porridge oats to be exact) we have come so far with it, so many different design ideas were scrapped, until we found, what we think, is the perfect one. 


    The Wax Burner has been carefully handcrafted out of Solid Oak, and with large radiused edges there is a minimalist, scandinavian feel to the overall design. Hand sanded the Wax Burner is then finally treated with a protective, non - flammable natural oil.  


    We have worked alongside a number of local small businesses to bring this product to life. Our scents are handpoured by a small business in our home town, we tried and tested a number before we went ahead! We love them and we know you will too. The dishes are hand made, fired and glazed in Essex! We worked closely with a talented artist to create these unique dishes.. the starting point was refining the overall geometry from a plastic 3D printed template. So many hours of thought, consideration and testing, has gone into what we believe is a beautifully simplistic, classy design, which as always, is then lovingly handmade. 


    Choose your 4 Scents below:


    We have hand picked our 6 Scents from another local business that we think are perfect for Fall with Grace, and the people who love our products.


    Each pack is divided into six cubes and weighs approximately 85g. The segment can be re-melted many times over with a 4 hour tea light until the fragrance has diffused, providing hours of a beautiful smelling home.


    The Craftsman - This is the aftershave that Mark wears and felt it was only right we stock it. It is a popular scent - inspired by Creed. An aromatic accord opening with top notes of citrus, cassis, incense, pink pepper and juniper.


    The One - Our Signature Scent -  Earthy smoky tonka bean with a slight hint of lavender and almond. A well balanced oriental with a velvety amber base. A beautiful cosy scent.


    Lime, Basil & Mandarin - An enticing, mouth watering medley of Sicilian lime and zesty bergamot with a juicy heart busting with ripe mandarins, aquatic white florals, peppery basil and caraway seeds.

    Peony & Blush Suede - A fruity floral fragrance with notes of peony and red apple, followed by hearty notes of rose, jasmine and carnation


    Black Plum & Rhubarb - A vibrant, fruity accord of juicy black plum and fresh rhubarb.


    Mahogany Teakwood - A timeless classic where woody notes set the mood, all centred on smooth cedarwood.


    Included with your burner will be a care card highlighting a few do's and dont's. We have had the Wax Burner sent away to be fire tested and certified - thankfully it passed first time! 


    Please note: If either of the ceramic dishes become damaged or break, they must be replaced with OUR dishes that we have designed, created and tested with our Oak housing. Please DO NOT prop the tea light up with any other dish other than the one we provide. 

    The Wax Burner Gift Box

    • Never leave your burner unattended

      Only use 4 hour tealights

      Allow to cool between burns

      Always place on a flat surface 

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