A Personal touch

Aside from our beautiful wood being unique to each product, we offer an engraving service to personalise some of our products. We do not offer personalisation on Coffee Stands, Hair band Boards, Shapes & Numbers, Shoe lace boards or Every child is an artist board. We like the idea of these items being passed through a family for years to come.

Engraving ideas

 The Smiths

Together we make a family

Home is wherever we are together

And so the adventure begins

1980   1981   2010    2013 (Birth years)

To the moon and back

This is our happily ever after

Our Family est 2021

No place like home

Wash. Dry. Fold. Repeat

The Laundry Room

You will always be my forever

At home with The Smiths

After all this time - Always

With you, I am home

And together, they built a house they love

5 Years on and I still wood

Time is precious, waste it wisely

Those that don't believe in Magic, never find it

We can also engrave, hearts, stars and paw prints. Please note our engraving box is case sensitive. (Please enter your text exactly how you would like it to appear).

Branded logos can be engraved for retail and wholesale customers, to give something very special to your product displays in your store or online shop. For us to be able to work with your logo, it must be in one of the following vector formats.




Once you've selected your stand. Enter LOGO and your brand name in the engraving box. Then please email it to us at fallwithgrace1@gmail.com with your order number.

When entering details for engraving - Please take special care that every detail is correct. We cannot take responsibility for any mistakes. If you do spot a mistake - Get in touch as soon as possible and we will see what can be done.