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  • The Process

    You decide you would like a precious memory turned into a Fall with Grace masterpiece!
    The first step, you select the size that best suits your space from our range of options, catering to spaces of all sizes, no matter how big or small.


    Mark and Daniel meticulously handcraft each frame in our workshop, using traditional woodworking techniques. Using solid Oak, we ensure that every frame maintains the unparalleled quality from Fall with Grace that you've come to expect.

    Included in the price is the cost of the acrylic artwork - a simple line drawing (up to three people, three shapes or three objects) or a sentence (up to 8 words). There is however, an additional fee for those more complex designs, such as those special handwritten letters exceeding 8 words (up to 15 words), or detailed line drawings (like a complete family portrait) for example. This extra charge accounts for the increased use of acrylic and allows for the additional detail and time required to transform your original artwork into a format we can work with. If you wish to convert a text message into our artwork, capture a screenshot of it and upload it.

    We also have the ability to turn a photograph into our lined artwork, for example a family portrait or a wedding photo. This will be similar to the Solomon - Swash family portrait. There is an additional charge for this as there is extensive design work required. (Please select - My Artwork is a photo - I'd like it outlined (+£20).


    For handwritten notes, recipes or letters that exceed 15 words - We can engrave straight onto the backer board - There is no additional charge for this regardless of the amount of words. 


    There are examples of minimal pieces and more complex pieces as you scroll through the listing imagery. If such a thing happens and you order incorrectly, we will get in touch to discuss. (Get in touch on the chat button of our website if you are unsure which category your original falls into)

    Let us know if you would like your frame portrait or landscape and finally select whether you would like your frame in Natural Oak, or Black Oak.

    We include wall hanging fixings with your frame, allowing you the flexibility to choose whether or not to attach them based on the space where it will be displayed.


    Uploading the original


    Upload your original using the upload button on the listing before heading to the checkout! We recommend taking an image of your original in natural daylight, making sure there are no shadows on the image.


    Please be aware before placing an order that while we strive to replicate the final product to be as close to your original, capturing as much detail as possible, in some cases, there may be minor and slight differences.


    Please check the dimensions of each frame as it may not be exactly, A4 or A3.

    If you have any special instructions for us, please let us know in the notes box at checkout.


    We are really excited by this product and we can’t wait to get started on them!

    Due to the complexity involved with producing our Frames, delivery is 4 - 6 weeks.

    The A4 Frame

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