• Our Maxi stand, yes it’s ‘Stacey’s Stand’ – The Maxi. This is the personalised option on a STAR.


    The Maxi Stand has two size options for the height of the stem. For those 5ft 8” and below we would recommend OPTION A. And for people taller than 5ft 8” we think you would be better suited to OPTION B. With OPTION A the height of the hanger is 131 cm above floor level. OPTION B has a floor to hanger height of 141 cm. All other dimensions for options A and B are identical, and the adult-sized hanger measures 43 cm wide.


    As with all of our whitewashed products, this stand has been beautifully handcrafted from Ash hardwood and finished with a white oil. This ensures that the stand remains light in colour, whilst still being able to see the wood's natural grain.


    The Maxi includes both a hanger and an adjustable skirt/trouser rail. To allow you to accommodate a whole range of clothes we designed the rail so that the vertical height  of the rope can be adjusted to your choosing.


    The base of this stand also allows room for a pair of shoes and bag to complete the look.

    Stacey's Stand - The Maxi - Whitewash Personalised Star

    • To keep your hanger looking its best - Dust with a dry cloth

    • Please get in touch if you would like this product sooner and we will try to help.