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  • Say hello to your breakfast companion – the Solid Oak Engraved Egg Cup! Crafted with love from premium solid oak wood, this charming egg cup brings together the beauty of nature and a touch of Fall with Grace with our personalisation. They also look beautiful in the kitchen - Made up of the initials of everyone in your family!


    The natural grain of the solid oak wood gives each  little egg cup a unique and friendly character that will bring a warm feeling to your breakfast table.


    Our talented little team have worked their magic to ensure a smooth and polished finish that feels wonderful to touch. You can personalise your egg cup with a single engraved letter! Choose your initial, your loved one's initial, or even spell out a word - E G G S or H O M E. Please note, the engraving box is case sensitive, enter exactly how you would like it to appear.


    Its sturdy construction ensures a stable and secure fit, so you can enjoy your eggs without any unexpected wobbles or roll-aways. 


    Cleanup? No problem! The smooth surface of the Egg Cup wipes clean effortlessly, please don't put your egg cup in the dishwasher or submerge it in water.  Our Egg cups are finished in a food safe oil.



    To enter your engraving, if you are purchasing one egg cup - Please use the engraving boxes provided (depending on whether you would like one side engraved or 2)

    If you would like to order two egg cups or more- Please enter into the notes box at checkout the engraving followed by a comma, for example.

    I would like one egg cup with G engraved on one side and H on the other side and the other egg cup I would like to have J and the other side plain.....


    GH, J,




    Egg Cup

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