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  • Shapes and Numbers board - A gift that can be decoratively hung in a childs nursery, whilst also an inherently functional learning experience.

    This product is all about your child learning AND playing, whilst building fine motor skills and familiarising themselves with numbers and shapes.

    Children can develop their pincer/pencil grip using the pencil-sized wooden stylus which is included. This stylus then neatly slots into its storage hole in the side of the learning board itself. 

    The Shapes and Numbers board provides a tactile template for children to practice tracing the shapes with either their finger or the stylus. And whilst helping with your childs development prior to pre-school, this learning board provides a range of ways to play, such as, play-doh pressing and crayon rubbing. Or why not fill your child's favourite shape with rice, beads or even coco pops! 


    Please note - Our learning boards are made from wood that typically has natural markings and grains running through them - We do not see this as a flaw in quality, we see this as a natural part of working with wood.

    Shapes & Numbers

    SKU: 1000346
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